Introducing BUILD Finance

A venture builder DAO

This is a short update about a project I’ve been a part of for the past 2 weeks.

Recently, BUILD Finance has introduced a DAO which aims to create multiple DeFi products, all made by the community members. All revenue of these products will be flowing back to the DAO. BUILD token will be the only token used for governance of any of the products the DAO produces.


BUILD Finance DAO summary:

  • Fully diluted valuation: under $3M

  • Strong community discussing product ideas

  • Over 500 members since launch

  • The first product in development

  • Fair launched with active governance

Active community

Members of the DAO are actively discussing ideas on what should be built next. With some already taking an initiative and developing business plans and offering development help for free.

As one member puts it:

I just want to say that this group has a different feel to it than the others I’ve been in the recent surge in DeFi. Seeing a lot of similarities to YFI in the early early early days. Strong community, not a direct niche product that will die and not survive the harvest, but more a meta level approach to how to fund and build amazing products, and a motivated dev

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