How to submit gasless Uniswap limit orders

Metric exchange has just shipped a new version which supports gasless Uniswap limit orders for any token pair.

Using Metric, users can submit gasless Uniswap limit orders into the 0x relayer network. The orders will get filled by relayers when the price reaches the specified value.

This allows users to submit large orders which will get executed over time without slippage. No more do users need to keep watching Uniswap and waiting for the right price to execute orders manually.

For example, let’s say you want to buy $10k worth of $METRIC token which trades at $0.5/METRIC. If you go to Uniswap, the slippage of a small pool would give you a much worse price. However, if you submit a limit order on METRIC/DAI market, your order will get filled over the coming hours or days (depending on trading volume and your price) and you’ll eventually get exactly the price you wanted.

As a reminder, $METRIC is a 100% community-owned product made by $BUILD Finance and $METRIC holders will collect all future trading fees.